IT outsourcing


Outsourcing (from the English outsourcing: (outer-source-using) the use of an external source/resource) — transfer organization based on the agreement, certain business processes or business functions to other companies specializing in the field. SAP system is a critical component for businesses and enterprises, and the module Basis – the basis for the work of the whole system. With a team of professionals to service your systems in SAP Basis administration becomes a key task. To administer SAP systems require skilled employees who possess the full skill set to provide SAP Basis services. Typical SAP basis administrator must have expertise in the areas of: SAP applications, databases, operating systems, applied nature (for example, products for backup systems), tools and systems virtualization, and also have general IT literacy (networks, protocols, hardware, etc).

The choice of supplier SAP outsourcing should be based on a number of factors, such as : the cost of services, professional skills required for the solution to your problems, ability to adapt to emerging customer needs and provide a full service sap basis services, compliance with SLA (Service Level Agreement).

The other important factor is the socio-cultural aspect, the relationship with the outsourcing company. When selecting a provider SAP Basis services should pay attention to previous or existing customers, where the provider has served, since for many businesses it is important that the provider have a common orientation in a particular area of business.

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